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Rads - same size different wattage output?

Hi - You have two itentical size rads, say for example 600x1200mm double panel, double fin rads but one brand has a wattage output 500 watts higher than the other - Q. Does this mean that for same quanity of gas burnt, one rad will pump out 500watts extra heat at no extra running cost?

If the above assumption is correct then I should be comparing the wattage output when comparing itentical sized rads as opposed to just purchase price?

Thanks in advance for your reply

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Radiator (A) will dissipate the heat quicker than Rad (B) thus giving a higher wattage or BTU output.


Answered 12th Sep 2012

Well put PJB.Hopefully see you in Bishops Stortford soon:)


Answered 13th Sep 2012

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