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Which underlay is best for laminate flooring in bedrooms?

We are looking to fit laminate flooring in bedrooms upstairs and are worried about soundproofing upstairs.


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agree with sljoinery ...go with the green matting ..available in sheet form from bq etc ..stagger and tape up the joints and bobs your uncle ...good luck


Answered 24th Apr 2011

the greeen fibre boards are best thay are about 500mm square about 8mm thick they allow for any out of level on the floor and if used upstairs thay act as a good sound insulation too and can be cut easy with a knife


Answered 24th Apr 2011

i would go for the green fibre underlay, it comes in the form of rectangular mats rather than on a roll, easy to cut with a Stanley knife, gives a nice solid feel to the floor and has better soundproof qualities than the roll underlays.


Answered 24th Apr 2011

broadwalk ulay in the flooring trade fibre boards are cheap and nasty


Answered 18th May 2011

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