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Underfloor heating

Want to fit underfloor heating in living room 30sq meters and hall 6 sq meters , how much do i need to order for each area using the mat system?

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Hello, the answer to your question depends on a few variables. You buy the mats in kit form and the size of area covered varies depending on brand and kit. Obviously the bigger the area the more the kit will cost. You can also add mats to one another, so for example you may need a 20 m square plus a 10 m square kit for your living room. The other variable is do you want heat all over the floor area? I imagine you wouldn't want to heat under a sideboard for instance. The running costs of this type of heating is fairly expensive so you don't want to heat dead areas. You calculate the actual areas you require and then just order the appropriate size kit or kits. As a foot note you will need separate thermostatic controllers for each of the two areas. I hope this is of some help to you. Ian and Scott, Elecmax Electrical Services Ltd.


Answered 19th Sep 2012

For an area of 36m you would be far better off with a wet underfloor system as opposed to electric mats.


Answered 26th Jan 2014

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