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Making the muck up for a bricklayer

When your making the mortar to lay bricks how should u do it and what should u put in it thanks

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Sand and Cement.


Answered 26th Feb 2022

Ideally with a cement mixer. Mix sand and cement with water at a ratio of 4 sand to 1 cement, until correct consistency. Put mortar plastericiser in the water.


Answered 26th Feb 2022

I would first add a small splash of plastaciser to a bucket of water (plastaciser keeps the mix creamy and soft)...put your water in the mixer and then 1 bucket of cement followed by 4 buckets of sand and let it mix ..Don't make the mistake off adding lots of water to the mix to try soften it up...its the air that gets into the mortar that makes it nice and creamy..Too much water will turn it to slop...let the mixer do its job...when the mortar starts to peel off the back of the drum in one continuous motion you know its near on ready...hope that helps..


Answered 26th Feb 2022

Use 4 part sand and 1 part cement. Always measure with the same device I.E A bucket. add a generous amount of plasticizer or 25ml of the concentrated sort. Start with a little bit of water and gradually add until the much is a creamy texture, stiff enough to take the weight of a brick but wet enough to be worked. When mixing add your 2 sand then the cement then the remaining sand to ensure its thoroughly mixed


Answered 26th Feb 2022

Turn mixer on add some water with some plastiser,fill bucket with sand x2 tip into mixer ,add bucket of cement x1 into mixer ,continue to fill buckets of sand until required gauge 3x1 or 5x1 or 6x1 depending on situation mortar is being used add water as needed to create right consistency ,tip always gauge out sand cement into buckets or containers in order to maintain consistent mortar colour and strength


Answered 2nd Mar 2022

Make sure your mixes are consistent with the amount of sand and cement and 5ml of mortar plasticiser to 20l of water


Answered 3rd Mar 2022

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