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I have recently purchased a house and the hardwood flooring in my lounge has buckled causing a ramp along the length of the room. A quick google check would seem to indicate that insufficient room was left around the borders for expansion. Is this a large job to repair?

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Hi Tony,

There a couple of reasons for this, firstly your correct it could be due to lack of expansion or secondly it could be due to damp underneath the flooring. Ideally a thorough inspection and report needs to be carried out on the floor to assess the extent of the problem. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a time for inspection,

Many Thanks,
Ben Buckwell (Director)
BSB Flooring limited.


Answered 13th Sep 2012

hi tony

there are to reasons for floors doing that

1, there was no gap left
2, there is a damp problem

regards to repair if there was no gap then this can be solved skirts or beiding will have to be removed and the floor cut

if there is damp the entire floor will need to come up! and damp measures will need to be done, depending on the floor and how it was laid a new floor maybe required

any good floor fitter should carry a damp tester this will tell what the issue is

hope this helps


Answered 13th Sep 2012

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