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Damp on chimney breast

We live in the upper flat of an 1899 sandstone building. The attic was converted prior to us moving in, but there was always slight damp issue on one of the gables behind diy fitted wardrobes (with no back). We assumed the lack of ventilation on an cold outside chimney wall etc to be the cause of the damp. A year ago we removed the wardrobes. plastered the gable, decorated etc. A mark continued to come through as we were painting so used damp proof paint and [too many] coats of normal paint. The damp has continued to get worse and spread over the course of the year rather than dry out. Despite numerous builders, roofers and a surveyor, the root of the problem has not been determined. There is no mould growth on the wall, the paint has started to crack as we've been running a dehumidifier 24/7 for the past 2 weeks, but the damp seems to vary day to day. We have now removed as much of the paint as possible over the damp area to see whether that helps dry out the plaster (with the thought that damp could be trapped behind too many layers of paint). The paint pretty much came off like wallpaper!! It is my young daughter's bedroom and we are desperate to get a diagnosis. I have read about hygroscopic salt contamination, but none of the tradesmen viewing the damp have mentioned this. Any ideas?

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Hi there
With out looking its difficult to determine cause,but why not hack off damp or salt contaminated areas and beyond re render in water proof sand and cement by an approved company so you know you are getting the right mix,then if the damp spots then come back you know its condensation,if there is dampness in the wall by doing the rendering you are only managing the damp,I take it the fire place is vented other wise the soot inside the chimney could be sweating and causing damp .
Good luck


Answered 13th Sep 2012

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