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Spots coming through?

hi, i plastered my hall ceiling over old stipple artex, now its all dry i painted it, but these spots keeps coming back through? almost like little damp spots where the old stipple was, whatis this and how can i get rid of it? cheers

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Did you bond your area first before plastering ?
if not you will continue to get these spots so you now need to seal the area with Gliddens primer sealer or Zinsser 123 "blue tin".
Then redecorate to finish you want.
It costs you in the long run not to take short cuts when doing this type of work has there will always be a reaction with substrates unless the correct procedure is followed.
Good luck


Answered 9th Sep 2012

Dap the spots coming through with some white ( oil based undercoat )

Then repainted again with emulsion


Answered 4th Jul 2016

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