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Overboarding and insulating

Hi, I am wanting to dryline my garage to part convert but mainly to insulate and improve temperature of the room above.

Walls are double skinned so have a cavity and are dry. Ceiling is artex including the beams and above the window lintels.
I have battens and Kingspan and plan to board tape & fill after.

Is it better to increase the amount of air gaps in the layers you add? Or fit the layers tight?
So batten then fit boards to the battens seal with foil tape, then pboard?
Or batten, insulate between, foil tape then pboard over?
I don’t mind losing space it’s a big garage, I’m trying to get the best insulation for the effort.

Thanks in advance

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I’d say battening, then insulate between batons, tape up seams and plasterboard. If your not bothered about space you can use bigger stud to fit wider insulation. Up to you.


Answered 16th Feb 2022

I would personally Baton inculcate (using 25mm celitex ) tape then board


Answered 16th Feb 2022

If you don’t mind losing space build a stud all the way around celotex inbetween the put a 50mm celotex over the lot and foil tape the joints then board. If you want you could put a metal frame ceiling up aswell and put some 100mm loft roll on top and board that aswell that will help the room above a lot


Answered 3rd Mar 2022

Garage spaces are funny things, they are never intended to be warm spaces so can become complicated to keep warm. You need to think the garage is like a shell and you can't warm the shell but you can build a warm space inside the shell. So what you do is build a inserlation shell inside but it can't touch the outer shell as this will cause the evaporation on the inside so we leave a small cavity between the brick wall and the inserlation so the evaporation ecours on the outside of your inserlation. You will have to connect your timber frame to your outer shell which is fine just make sure to line timber with damp proof wherever it touches the brick wall. After you have made your inserlation shell you can board it all.

NOTE. don't worry about foil tape its not going to be air tight and you won't benefit over the cost you will spend on tape.

Also If your garage has a cavity then you can fit tight against the wall but ONLY if the wall has a cavity space.


Answered 10th Mar 2022

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