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Led bulbs

Hello all.
I am thinking of buying 12 Toshiba E-CORE 6.7 watt MR16 LED - Non-Dimmable bulbs to replace the 35 Watt bulbs in my kitchen.
Do you think they will be a suitable replacement?
They say on the website 310 lumens - 50 watt equivalent.
Also, do I need LED transformers as well?

Thanks in advance, Adrian

2 Answers from MyBuilder Electricians

Its good that you are going for LED lamps,as they are using just 6,5 Watts
instead of 35 W.
Answer to your question-they are suitable ,I use LED lamps in all my rewiring jobs.
They dont need another transformer,just use the existing ones.
I see that this lamps are about £ 14.00,if you dont know
toolstation started selling similar mr16 LED bulbs for £ 4.95.
or screwfix are selling philips make-£ 9.98


Answered 10th Sep 2012

if your existing 35w lamps are running from individual transformers they are probably rated at 20-60va(suitable for lamps 20-60w) although the leds may operate they are not suited to these transformers and should be paired with LED constant current drivers. They are more expensive so I dont generally use12volt LEDs but the 240volt LEDs as there is no driver/transformer reqired so the layout is much less and no transformer/driver maintenance to worry about. If interested try a site called LEDHUT most lamps rated at 50000hrs and guaranteed for 2 years with free delivery.


Answered 12th Sep 2012

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