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Help! crack in brickwork underneath first floor window.

hello, about 10 years ago, we had new upvc windows fitted for bay windows for both up stairs and downstairs windows , as the previous ones were wooden. recently however a gap has appeared to the left hand side (sitting inside looking out) underneath the upstairs bay window. is this serious? can this be fixed easily for a basic DIY-er?

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Hi there

It isn't to bad, and can be easily rectified but chasing out the crack per bricks and the replacing with new and then pointing work. Job done. Providing there is no internal cracks. If it is inside then plaster will need to be stripped away and see where the cracks are and then repairing. It isn't to bad of job. Please don't take into consideration about my one negitive feedback recently, it was a very awkward customer, that wouldn't pay me for the materials on the first day of starting work so I started for a few days he still wouldn't pay me so I walked off the job.

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Answered 8th Sep 2012

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