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Tv aerial

I have just moved into my property and my TV doesn't seem to be working at all! have 2 aerial cables in my lounge and tried both, tried tuning and nothing is getting picked up. Its a pretty old house so im thinking the aerial may needs replacing, the TV has built in freeview so technically i thought i would just be a case of plugging in and tuning, i was wrong!!


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have you got an arial on the roof ? can you trace any of the cables to an arial? if your arial is not on the roofthen it will probably be in the atic, these generaly are connected to a booster which are mains powered, some are fitted with spliter boxes that require a signal from a box installed into one of the arial cables,I think you should get a local arial man to check this out, post a job on this site, rgards Terry.


Answered 8th Sep 2012

Check the aerial is pointing in the correct direction to pick up digital signals, check the aerial is freview compatable and really you need to test the continuity of the coax from the TV to the point on/in the roof. You can use a programme called wolfbane type in your postcode and it will tell you the direction of the closest transmitter, distance and direction.


Answered 12th Sep 2012

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