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Replastering interior walls in c17th house - avoiding mould problems

Some parts of my house are v. old (C17th) internal walls have grown mould & get damp - some have been patch plastered in DIY way.

I believe the house needs special materials (plaster) which 'breathes'. Can you advise on what is needed & where to look for someone both skilled & affordable who can help?

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Hi there poppy_52

Yes you will need lime plaster finish, as it breaths and stops mould growth as you have stated, it wont be cheap but on the good side it will last a lifetime,

You will need a plasterer that is well skilled at woking with lime baseded materials there not to easy to find tho, you can buy: 3.5, 3.2, 3.1 lime based plaster (25kg bags) there are loads of sellers online that stock it or try:

You will also need lime based paints when start the painting and Decorating

i hope this helps and i wish you all the best

My regards

p.s My thanks to ADR MAINTENANCE for the added info.

you can use horse,pig,goats hair in the mix as he stated before theres lots to lime plastering, sorry i did not add all the info you needed at the time i replyed to your qustion


Answered 18th Sep 2012

you should also be adding goats hair into your lime plaster mix you may also have external issues if the outside has been pointed up with cement rather than lime mortar. dont know what part of the country you are from but if your near me am quite happy to call and chat to you about your requirements
suppliers are do lime mortar,plaster,goats hair,stone repair and have a matching sevice to try and match your existing colour.
good luck


Answered 7th Sep 2012

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