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Will an extractor hood work for me

In our house, dating back to around 1850, there was once a bread oven built into the corner of the kitchen. The chimney column height is about 38ft. It used to allow cold air to fall down into the kitchen before we had it blocked some years ago.
As part of our kitchen makeover the fitting sompany is proposing to fit a hob extraction unit vented to that chimney. Since we find that out wood-burning stove needs to get really going before the chimney will draw (tending to smoke fill the living room!), same height column, I am a little unsure what will happen. First question: will the cold air just fall back down the chimney and through the hob extraction unit ? Second question: will the warm air being vented into the old chimney meet up with significant resistance from the heavy cold air sitting in the chimney ? Third question: am I likely to get a condensation problem with all that damp warm air being pushed into a cold space ?

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the extractor will not push air right out of that chimney so it will mostly just move around the chimney

are you hoping to extract fumes from the wood burner with it ? (not a good move)

or just general cooking steam and smells ?
if the later then it works to a degree but all that moisture will be put into the chimney


Answered 6th Sep 2012

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