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Damp proofing concrete garage floor

Hello, I have a garage with an old concrete floor in it. I painted it with garage paint about two years ago, but damp is coming through and forming little white crystals at some spots. All I want to do with it is damp proof it, so not put a complete floor on top of it. I was thinking of putting a layer of DPM paint on it, would that do the job? And would it last when I wlk on it??

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Personally I would suggest an epoxy resin floor covering as this will create a new membrane and can be walked on and accept light traffic, it's the same sort of stuff they use on factory floors. I have copied and pasted the data sheet from my supplier.

ECS Epoxy Floor Coating is a two part water-dispersed epoxy resin product consisting of a pigmented
base resin component and a water-dispersed hardener component. The product is available in white and
grey versions. ECS Epoxy Floor Coating can be applied by brush or lambs wool roller to provide a
decorative coating which is easily cleaned. The applied coating will protect concrete and is resistant to the
penetration of oils and greases. The two part water dispersed product is pre-packaged ready for on site
Areas of Application
ƒ Floor and wall coatings for kitchens and other food processing areas.
ƒ Warehouse and storage areas.
ƒ Light industrial factory areas to give resistance to foot and light vehicular traffic.
ƒ Treating rising damp problems in solid concrete floors.


Answered 10th Sep 2012

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