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Adding a socket from a spur.

I have a fused spur on the top of a kitchen cabinet for outsite lighting. I tried adding a multi-socket extension to this to run a transformer for some LED lighting but I have tried it and there seems to be no power.
I connected brown to brown and blue to blue.

On the picture the cream wire is the electricity feed and the grey is leading to an outside floodlight I know theres no earth but theres no earth either on the LED light transformer I would like to use.


Would it be a possibility the polarity is wrong and if so would this prevent the items I was testing from working?

Edit :- thanks for the useless advice Kevin. Hopefully someone will be along at some point to offer advice and not insults :)

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You really have not got a clue what you are doing this is obvious and testing
IS NOT a case of switch it on and see if it works please get it done properly or leave it alone before you hurt yourself or worse-someone else.
Persons working on electricity are required to be competant the definition of which is someone with experience or knolledge to undertake the work safely for themselves and others.
My pleasure, any time.
By the way your picture says it all you say you know there is no earth and then say this is the feed to an outside light
this is the reason part P regs were brought about with a fine of up to £5000. Accidents waiting to happen.


Answered 5th Sep 2012

Sorry Michael, but I agree with Kevin - get a professional in!!!


Answered 7th Sep 2012

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