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Rewire but no conduit

I have had a complete rewire of my bungalow. I now have the plasterers in and i have been told that no conduit has been used to protect the cables in the walls (the channels have been bonded with plaster). Is this sufficient / legal? Thanks

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Just referring to IEE Wiring Regulation 17th Edition

Installation method C

described as " sheathed cables, armoured or unarmoured, clipped direct or embedded in plaster".


additionally on page 32 says "where a cable is concealed in wall or partition at depth of less than 50mm from any surface it must be enclosed in earthed metal conduit (trunking or ducting) or installed either horizontally within 150mm of the top of the wall or partition or vertically to accessory or consumer unit figure 2.3.5"

Additionally on bottom of the page 28 its says
a) in dwellings in a wall or partition whose construction includes metal parts (fixings such as nails or screws are not included) and not protected by steel conduit or trunking
b) installed in a wall or partition at a depth of less than 50 mm and not enclosed in steel conduit"

both notes above clearly allowing for not using steel conduit or trunking

Additionally On-Site Guide BS7671:2008
page 60 reg 522.6.6

A cable concealed in wall or partition must:
1) be at last 50mm from the surface, or
2) have earthed armouring or an earthed steel conduit or trunking, or
3) be enclosed in earthed steel conduit or trunking, or
4) be provided with mechanical protection sufficient to prevent penetration of cable by nails , screws and the like, or finally
5) be installed either horizontally within 150 mm of the top of the wall or partition or vertically within 150mm of the angle formed by two walls, or run horizontally or vertically to an accessory or consumer unit.

Same can be found in BS7671:2008 amendment 1:2011
page 124 regulation 522.6.101

Also I called ECA helpline today ( I suggest you do same) and it was confirmed that there is not specific regulation enforcing PVC cables installation in metal trunking or conduit where embedded in plaster.

so where are covboys there?



Answered 6th Sep 2012

You can plaster over cables, capping is used to keep cables in place and to protect them from the plasterers trowel. Cables without capping are shown in the regs as reference method c. Cables without rcd protection need to be installed in earthed conduit or armoured cable. Where in the regs does it say you have to have capping on kevin im intrested in the reg number.


Answered 20th Sep 2012

NO,you need to get the cowboy who did this back ! I bet he was cheap !?and choose an Electricain who NICEIC or NAPIT like most of the chaps on here.thanks


Answered 4th Sep 2012

cables installed in safe zones as described in reg 622.6.6(v) protected by a 30ma RCD do not need to be in trunking, however if someone puts a nail through the cable they will survive but you will have to chase the wall to replace the damaged cable, regards Terry.


Answered 6th Sep 2012

conduit or capping is required the cables must not just be plastered over.
This would be against regulations. If you have had a complete rewire you should have been issued an instalation certificate and your installer should have registered your instalation with there governing body to then notify your local council and you would recieve a notification certificate from the governing body aprox 1-2 weeks after registering for notification.(your installer is required to register your instalation within 21days of the test date on your certificate)


Answered 4th Sep 2012

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