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Roofing leakage

We have recently bought our house, which is a detached bungalow. The roof of this house has very less gradient. The problem is with the new extension of the property which seems to have used a breathable felt, through which water does seep in sometimes when it rains with heavy winds. The rest of the house with same slope and original construction has no issues. Shown it to some roofers and the general suggestion I get is , the felt would need changing with some tiles that actually fit the current slope of the house. Not sure if anyone can suggest on this.

I would also like to know if I can legally get the previous builder who built the extension for the previous owner to undertake this work. the work was done some 4-5 years back before we bought this property.

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Can you identify the type of tile used (can be found on the back of the tile) so that I can give you the correct gradient.

It may be that the head and tail laps are incorrect also (so that less rows are required - cuts down on labour and materials) but allows wind driven rain to enter.

Best advice - check what tile is on the roof then check the manufacturers details for installation. The works should have been signed off by LA - may be worth checking this was carried out?


Answered 3rd Sep 2012

if you have had some roofers telling you the felt and tiles need changed then that is most probably what is required, these roofers have had a look at the roof. it is impossible to say what is exactly wrong with the roof and why it is letting in water without looking at it.
if you are unsure post it in the roofing section on the site and get a local roofer to take a look and quote for repair.


Answered 4th Sep 2012

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