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Sloping floor on first floor

Wanted to know if someone can advise / direct to the right person/s regarding sloping floors in a house.

Just bought a Semi-detached house and we were aware of the slope in one of bedrooms from our surveyors report. The report mentioned that although there were no significant structural issues identified, it was recommended to find out if the wall which was removed below (the living room and kitchen has been reconfigured) was load bearing. The previous owner has not been able to identify whether it was or not so we still don't know.

I am getting more concerned the more I read online. The house had / has moisture issues. We have replaced all of the windows and doors since moving in and will do the wall insulation ASAP. The previous owner did not invest in these things and I wonder if the moisture and the slanted floor upstairs are connected.

Would someone kindly offer some advice? New to this site so not sure what else I should mention here, if any other details are needed to make things clearer? Please let me know. Thank you.

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It is a lot easier to correct a sloping floor on the ground floor, then the first floor. Normally on the first floor sometimes you would have to take the ceiling down pending on the joists if you would need to change them, sometimes you can just remove the skirting boards, floorboards and correct the problem from the top, you might have a little crack in the ceiling, and sometimes people can have accident and break through. Most of the time is to price the job and hard work.


Answered 16th Jan 2022

there's a few things that could be wrong... it could be a wroten beam that the joists run into that is slowly degrading... it could also be as you suspected the wall beneath was load bearing and the floor has dropped as a result of that. one way to try and figure out the problem is try moving over the floor and listen for movement if it's still moving then you might have a large problem however if its sturdy and there isn't any you could simply level the floor out using fillets and new t and g. Best way is to get a joiner to come a good one should be able to know what's wrong just by the feel and look of it. hope this helps 🙏


Answered 29th Jan 2022

If it’s a sloping floor that means joists are sagging. Meaning that joist aren’t big enough in profile to take weight of floor !


Answered 16th Jan 2022

It could be a number of different things without removing the floor boards and having a look it's really impossible to say what the best solution maybe while sagging joist maybe one reason it could also have been built that way, it may even be subsistence the only thing I can assure you it will not be a cheap fix. As everything above and possibly everything attached below may need removed along with the joists themselves.
Good luck Alex


Answered 16th Jan 2022

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