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How to raise loft floor to board for storage (not using stilts)

Hi all Looking to part board the lift in my bungalow.

The joints are 3cm wide and 12cm deep. The centres are 50cm

Looking to lay 2x4 timbers at 90degree angles, top up insulation and then lay osb board. It's only going to be for storage Xmas Dec's etc and for me to walk on etc.

Does this sound Ok? Never done anything like this before. Looked at loft legs but my head height is minimal so may take up a little too Much height.

Appreciate any help or advice. Thanks


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Yes that will be fine, make sure you still have a gap between the board and insulation for air flow.


Answered 9th Jan 2022

Just to add to the other answer, make sure that the extra insulation that you are put in the loft is clear of any downlight fittings and electrical junction boxes as you don't want them heating up :)


Answered 12th Jan 2022

Are you sure you want to board. The joists are not designed for it. If asked i would decline the job


Answered 28th Jan 2022

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