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hi far as using b,q or homebase dont bother ,,there fitting prices are a joke you will pay about £2000 for a kitchen and they will charge you £3000 to fit it fit a kitchen you must allow about £750 ..and about 3 days to fit..then also there is your making good the walls ,tiling ,fitting a new floor ,decorating..your looking at the same kind of money again £1500 to do all the work ...but i have to say you will find the price varies so much ..good luck


Answered 21st Apr 2011

for the love of god avoid big kitchen companies installations , get one of us in to do the job properly , you are dealing with experts not salesmen average small kitchen £1500 to £1800 pounds plus tiling but depends on how many unit complexity of design and plumbing

Kitchens fitter s are specialist we have the knowledge and all the kit to do it right

and remember never pay in full untill its totally finished !!! and you have checked it and your satisfied with your purchase

good luck jon


Answered 12th May 2011

You will get some prices here later on, but I imagine they will vary.
Its best to post your job on this site, its free to do, and you will get plenty of interest from the trades here.
Contact the ones you like, after reading their feedback, they will then call round, measure up and advise.
Its quite a quick process, you may then have definate prices over the bank holiday.


Answered 21st Apr 2011

i would allow 1500 upwards ,remember electrics and plumbing ,tiling ,floor ect


Answered 21st Apr 2011

hello getting the correct tradesmen will depend on the price you are given,i only use gas safe engineers,approved electricians and a skilled carpenter and a itemised job list


Answered 21st Apr 2011

roughly around 1250.00 with fitting, tiling and fitting of appliances for a kitchen that size,
approx 3-4 days work with tiling etc.

trust me if you get the showrooms etc to do yhe fitting you will pay over triple that. complete ripoff.

put your work on mybuilder and find yourself a good tradesman, with good feedback etc.

you will save youself alot of money.



Answered 21st Apr 2011

This is a tiny kitchen isn't it! We'd quote around £600 and 2 days to fit for two of us. We find ourselves constantly quoting against B and Q and they seem to charge £150 per unit, which includes worktops etc (obviously labour only)
We would include proper worktop joints (as opposed to jointing strips) and provision for the sink, cooker, extractor hood, appliance spaces and clearing away the rubbish at the end of the job.
In B and Q's defence, they are good at what they do and you know they'll always turn up to sort out any problems afterwards. Good luck choosing your tradesman!
Dave Woolhouse,
Apex Builders


Answered 22nd Apr 2011

600 hundred pound b&q fitting service is relly expensive. fitting is same price as the kitchen you buy my friend fits them for b&q


Answered 21st Apr 2011

it all depends on how many units, appliances, tiling , plumbing etc
to give a quote without knowing all of the above will be a very rough estimate indeed.


Answered 30th Nov 2011

Post your job to find high quality tradesmen and get free quotes

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