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Hi, I'd like to have the walls skimmed in a victorian terrrace. Current plaster is mostly lime but has gypsum plaster added around windows, fireplace and where a DPC has been injected. It's presently all painted and I'd be keen to have some kind of lime based skim in order to inhibit mould growth that has appeared on some of the gypsum areas. I've recently learned that you can't just add a lime skim on top of a painted surface and now am a little stuck. Will I need to remove the paint from the surface of the plaster? What might my options be? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Combat the mould issue first which is a sign of condensation, this is caused by the lack of ( wrong combination) of heat and ventilation.
check windows are sealed, glazed properly? No misted panes.
Radiators are of sufficient size for wash room? And boiler too??
Insaulated walls, roof space, ventilation?
Do you open windows daily?
Are the vents in bathroom and kitchen which turn on when you use the rooms / appliances?
Check for damp? Possible failure in DPC? Rising damp, penetrating damp???

I'm a firm believer of sort the issue before masking/ hiding the problem for it to reappear down the line. If your mould is around windows then this is typically the point where the warmest air (inside) meets coldest air (outside ) and condenses.

Thanks mark "The Property Team"


Answered 31st Aug 2012

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