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Fitting new lights in artex ceiling that contains asbestos

I have artex ceilings and wanting to put new spotlights in a dark room which only has one light fitting. I had a sample tested and it is positive for chrysotile. What are my options? Covering up the artex doesn't solve the problem of drilling for new light fittings. Is my only solution complete removal of the ceilings?

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A viable solution to this would be to have an asbestos removal contractor cut out a marked out section of ceiling or scrape back the small section of Artex under controlled asbestos conditions using a class “H” vacuum , followed by encapsulating the disturbed Artex with ET150 asbestos encapsulation paint.


Answered 10th Dec 2021

Sadly for your own health you need an asbestos removal team to help you with your problem before any trade could continue work.hope this helps.jimmy


Answered 11th Dec 2021

Definitely not !!!!!!

The area needs completely removing ..

The hazardous area would need doing by a professional company and done properly .


Answered 17th Dec 2021

Any work on the ceiling, now that it's been confirmed as Chrysotile content, would need to be carried out be a registered contractor. The most cost effective option would be removal of the Artex. As suggested above, there are options around a registered contractor drilling the holes, however, I would recommend if your going to spend out on that, to go the whole way and get it removed once and for all. Especially if you have no intention of moving/selling.


Answered 27th Dec 2021

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