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Old fashioned toilet cistern trouble


We just moved in to a new place and the toilet has a very lovely old toilet cistern well above the toilet and to one side. It does a great job of flushing the toilet, when we finally get it to flush. It takes a lot of effort to pull the chain, more effort than one would normally expect with an old toilet cistern. I am strong and it takes me a good 4-5 hard pulls to finally get it to go. It's a case of tugging really stiffly and holding for a few seconds. My wife is really struggling!

I've had a look inside and it nothing seems broken or cracked, but everything does have a thick coating of limescale, and the 'float' is an big old metal one.

We had a plumber come to take a look at it, amongst other things, and he said there was nothing he could do about it, it's just the way they are... but I think he just didn't fancy the job because it's in a really awkward position for getting access to it (we have a sloped roof which runs right across the top of the cistern). I was hoping he might replace some or all of the parts inside - would that help?

Any advice would be welcome.

UPDATE: Thanks for your answers, if it's the syphon/diaphragm, can I just get any syphon or does it need to be particular to the system?

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If this is v.old, the float you think is iron may well be the iron bell. The unit may be almost Victorian if it is all cast iron. I have stripped them down and refitted them, and they are bomb proof. Unlike the push button rubbish today that goes wrong after 2 yrs.

As for the parts inside and replacement, The ball valve can be done with ease but, the rest should just clean up.

Answered 28th Aug 2012

pjb plumbing & heating

Member since 17 Apr 2012

It sounds like the syphon is not working properly a new syphon is only about £5 to buy and not a particularly difficult job to relace.
screwfix sell a dual flush siphon (£5-49) that will I believe fit your cistern but you will have to compare them for compatibility.

Answered 28th Aug 2012

kevin cassidy building contractors

Member since 16 Dec 2010

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