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Clogged downpipe


I think I have a clogged downpipe and water is pouring over the guttering at that point. The window cleaner had a look at the fitting that connects the pipe to the gutter and that’s clear so the blockage could be anywhere along the downpipe. My guttering installer has said he’ll try to fit me in next week but isn’t sure if he’ll be able to. He assures me that as the gutter is below the roof tiles no water will get inside the roof or damage the timbers, and that it will be ok for now. I’m a bit worried about this and am wondering if his advice is correct. This has been going on for a few weeks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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your gutter installer is wrong, left unfixed this can cause all sorts of damp issues not only to the roof line but also to the wall,
one of the main reasons for this is an underground blockage of the system but can be caused by a build up of moss or other debris in the pipe you would need to remove the down pipe to see if the under ground section is blocked or only the surface.


Answered 4th Dec 2021

Overflowing guttering is not good for a lot of reasons it can cause dampness to fascia boards and brick work the problem maybe it’s blocked with moss sometimes leaves from trees or it may be at the base Of the downpipe this is not something that you can leave I would get it done ASAP


Answered 5th Dec 2021

U agree with the above and it definitely a blockage in the downpipe line and needs to be sorted ASAP


Answered 16th Dec 2021

Hi as previously said it isn't something that's ok to leave as it will cause damp in other areas, if there's no clear blockage from the top then remove the downpipe and check further down the pipe for blockages, if nothing is there then its most likely underground, your gutter bloke should know that. Start at the top and work down until you come across the blockage, don't leave it as you were told thats poor information and advice


Answered 30th Dec 2021

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