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Insulating plasterboard.

I have quite a cold wall in my bedroom and am thinking of buying some insulating plasterboard and just plasterboarding the wall.
Any advice on fitting? DAB on be ok?
Think it will help much?

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Dab would fine.


Answered 2nd Dec 2021

Dab would be fine. If you want further insulation and maybe soundproofing you can baton wall of, fill studs with insulation and screw plasterboard on. Either way is fine though


Answered 15th Feb 2022

Sounds daft but a cople coats of oil based gloss this will keep damp away but yes insulate and then board aswell


Answered 2nd Dec 2021

Hi buddy you can use plaster board adhesive all I do is dab all over and than level it off


Answered 2nd Dec 2021

It would depend on what insulated plasterboard you would use some have a foil vapour barrier in this case (dab) /adhesive wouldn't be suitable as it won't adhere to the foil. Treated timber batons with dpc fixed to the batons then screwed to the substrate. Your standard insulated plasterboard (pir) can be adhesive fixed hope this helps


Answered 7th Dec 2021

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