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Half finished build, builder not returning calls - what next?

I contracted a builder in March to build an extension. Everything was going fine until June, then various setbacks (cited reasons: materials shortages, illness, fuel crisis) slowed it up, and since September he hasn't returned calls, voicemail, email, even a registered letter.

I can't wait forever for him to get in touch, what should I be aware of in getting someone else to finish the job? I have no reason to doubt the quality of the work done so far - Building Control have done regular inspections - but is the new builder going to come and look and say "oh, that's all wrong, needs to come down and start again"?

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depends really on what stage the build is up to , at present roof tiles ordered today will delivered august 2022, there is still a shortage of materials with somethings getting worse, personally I have had scaffolding up on a building since June with the expected arrival of materials in Jan next year, will i accept you feel you cannot wait for ever, the chap may be ill, covid has not gone away its still here,material shortages are still a reality & getting worse with some builders just giving up the ghost
good luck


Answered 28th Nov 2021

Hi, if building control have been regularly inspecting the work and it turns out the new builder says its all wrong, theyre either lying to gain some cash or the building inspector needs a harsh word and Reporting to their managers. I'm sure it'll be fine, just see what the next tradesman says and go from there t


Answered 28th Nov 2021

He is obviously not going to finish the job for you. Good news is everything so far has been passed by building control. Any decent builder will understand that but expect to pay premium for them to take over the project for you.


Answered 7th Dec 2021

Hi sorry to hear you are having problems with your current builder, there might be many reasons why he is uncontactable it happens, while not knowing the dynamics of the situation ie:payments, stage of construction etc I cannot comment
However if building control has inspected the construction there shouldn’t be any issuers regarding 1st fix for another competent builder to take over the job and complete it.
All depends at what stage the build is at another builder would be wary why the original builder left and there for you could be paying a higher price in order to finish of the job
hope that helps


Answered 15th Dec 2021

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