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QuestionWhat type of adhesive do I use to dot and dab?

And can I then tile directly on to the plaster board?

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There is a product called Dry Fix which is like an expanding foam, this has to be applied with a special gun both of which can be purchased at good Builders merchants, this stuff is the roll royce for dot dabbing, alternatively you can buy a bagof plasterboard adhesive from the merchants which you mix with water as instructed on the bag, You can tile on the surface after the adhesive sets, if its in a bathroom use moisture resistant plasterboard, if its in a shower use cement board, hope this helps.

ATS Building Services 23rd Aug, 2012

You will need dry wall adhesive which i believe is also called bonding compound at some merchants. You are better off tiling straight on new board rather than skimming first as it gives a better key for the tiles and if you skim the board it needs 14 days drying time before tiling. Shower areas you will need to use cement board or similar product.
Regards Lee

Artwell Plastering & Tiling 11th Sep, 2012

Plasterboard adhesive.Also known as bonding compound.Its available from all builders merchants and most diy stores.Tiling on plasterboard is perfectly ok in some scenarios.Shower areas etc will need something entirely different to ensure longevity.If you are doing this kind of area,you should employ a tiler or at the very least,do some internet research.

Roc builders 23rd Aug, 2012

plasterboard compound adhesive

jd kent 23rd Aug, 2012

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