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my Home insurance company have requested for a certificate for powerflash done by gas safe engineer from my builder . Unfortunately, the engineer has concluded that the do not issue a certificate for that purpose but has given an invoice instead. How do I resolve this issue

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I think you mean
why would you need a certificate,it doesn't prove any thing.
Most of the time taking the rads off and backflushing them is the way to go.
Powerflushing can make more problems
especially with smaller diameter pipework.
chemical acid cleaner is probably going to work better if you feel you need to have it done.


Answered 12th Nov 2021

Poweflush can do mot damage than you can think it’s good to remove rads and flush them one by one it’s longer but can be more safe for you


Answered 16th Nov 2021

I strongly disagree with both previous answers. Power flushing is an effective means of cleansing a heating system and boiler of sludge and other debris if carried in a methodical and industry approved manner, by taking the radiators off and flushing them does not address any debris attached to the inside of the heating circuit pipework or boiler!

Anyone can Power flush a heating system and with very little knowledge on how a heating system works which can and lead to sub-standard and ineffective work (money wasted) Before you employed this operative to carry out a the Power flush three questions you should of asked at the point of discussing the works is A - Do you offer any warranty once the works is complete. B - can you provide me with a certificate to that effect. C - Are you a qualified heating engineer.

When I Power flush a heating system I walk the client around an invite them to test the performance of each radiator before I leave that way I know they are happy, then invoice and issue a 12 month certificate.

Foot note: No certificate then move on to someone who actually is prepared to guarantee their work after all this element of work is not cheap if carried out properly, I would also suggest to the customer that we fit a good quality Magnetic filter at the point of quotation and explain that once I am satisfied the system/boiler is clean the filter will ensure it remains so if they do not have one already fitted that is fit for purpose !

Resolution: If not already done so hold back on payment until a certificate is issued as this is not an unreasonable request after all if he/she is confident that they have carried out the work to a satisfactory and effective standard then why deny you this certificate!?


Answered 25th Nov 2021

I would agree with the other engineers flushing the system with a chemical can cause problems with the system causing leaks .I would recommend removing the radiators and flushing them through with water finally this will depend on the age of the system


Answered 19th Nov 2021

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