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Aco drainage advice needed

We have had a aco drain in our new block paving
Their are quite a few leafs sitting in the drain
Can we put anything on or over the drain
And are the covers easy to remove

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Best not put anything over as will stop water run of .you can easily clip the grates on and of to clean out


Answered 1st Nov 2021

Ther are things u can get to that sit in gutters u can put them in across they keep them clean I normally put them in soo people don’t have the problem of cleaning them every few months


Answered 11th Nov 2021

You can use a gutter brush guard and then place the lids back on top of your ACO drain.. or a channel drainage leaf and debris trap. You could always then fill the ACO with 20m stones after using the trap. Hope this helps.. need anymore information on your outdoor space please contact us @luxurylandscapes2021 also on Instagram


Answered 5th Jan 2022

Better off to remove grates and clean out 1 or 2 times per year.
Delegate if able to🤓👍


Answered 8th Mar 2022

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