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Electric cooker installation? please help...

I'm due to move in to a new build flat at the end of August, they were meant to be wired up for electric cookers, but there is no hard wiring point just a double socket where cooker goes, although there is a red cooker on & off switch. Builder has told me just to put a plug on it, but is this safe? If anyone can help it would be much appreciated, thanks.

thanks for all your help guys at least now i can get it sorted without being fobbed off :)

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Hi there,generally integrated cookers come complete with plug tops and as suggested just plug into a socket outlet, it is generally the hob that would need its own supply as it has a larger load capacity so as safety goes unless you have a double oven then you should be fine, i hope this helps.

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Answered 21st Aug 2012

lots of modern single ovens are rate at 3000 watts of less and can run off the plug top.


Answered 21st Aug 2012

In my opinion, the builder is out of order. Possibly it would be safe - though that all depends on what size circuit breaker is fitted to the circuit. However, it would also be stupid to fit a cooker - and here, I'm referring to a cooker with electric hobs and electric oven - with a 13A plug. Firstly, you'd struggle to get the 6mm cable needed by the cooker (it may even need 10mm cable - check it's instruction booklet/user guide) into a 13A plug. It just won't fit. Secondly, assuming you did cram the cable into a plug, it would blow the 13A fuse in the plug with tedious frequency.

In my opinion, if it is expected that there will be a combination cooker (ie: combined electric hobs + grill + oven), then the builder needs to provide a proper cooker outlet, wired to the cooker control unit with (minimum) 6mm cable (depending upon what size circuit breaker is fitted).

However, stand-alone electric ovens are sometimes supplied with a 13A plug which can be plugged straight into a 13A socket. But an electric four-plate hob unit can pull around 30A!

You should also ask to see the Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) which - by law - must have been completed by a registered competent electrician belonging to NAPIT, ELECSA, BSI, or NICEIC. If you've bought the flat, you should have been given the top copy of the EIC anyway. This will show what size circuit breaker is fitted to the cooker circuit, and what size cable has been used for the circuit.

Hope that helps.


Answered 21st Aug 2012

I would not put a plug on it as the cooker will be asking for a lot of power and can melt the socket. You should have a cooker switch which goes to a outlet plate and the cooker should be hard wired in. If you are in any doubt then call an electrician in to fit the cooker and they will tell you exactly what you need but unless it is gas then please do not just put a plug on it


Answered 21st Aug 2012

First thing to check is the power requiered for your cooker, some ovens can be plugged into a 13A socket, if this is the case it will come with a plug fitted. If not you will need electrican to connet it. They will check it can be connect and give a certificate.


Answered 22nd May 2020

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