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Bedrooms ceiling

I was thinking just to plaster over artex ceilings in 4 bedrooms (2 small one and two medium size one) just for the sake of appearance. no damage to it.
I was advised to take off all the Artex and plaster. My house is clean with an oak floor downstairs which make me worry about the messy.
Do I really need to remove all the Artex ?
Thank you for your attention

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If you are going to have it plastered,everything in the room will need to be covered up,just the same as when you scrape the artex off so dont really see the problem.Personally i would overboard the artex as it 100% guarantees the plaster stays up AND gives a quality finish.Much better for your health too :)


Answered 20th Aug 2012

Artex - remember if this is Pre-2000 then it should be tested for Asbestos prior to being disturbed


Answered 21st Aug 2012

Over Board just as ROC builders has stated


Answered 11th Sep 2012

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