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Laminate floor nightmare

I am hoping that you can help me, I had a laminate floor fitted on 3rd May 2012, I live in a bungalow and wanted laminate flooring to be fitted throughout, the flooring is beautiful, unfortunately I have been left with 4 areas that have risen up and are bouncing when I walk on it, I have contacted the company that I bought the laminate off of and they sent the father and son team who fitted it the first time back to rectify the problem on 10th July, he has said that the floor has moved he's never had this problem before and so on, he took off some of the beading and the laminate floor went right up to the skirting board there was no gap, he then proceeded to tell me that they had left a 10 mm gap on each side and the reason there wasn't a gap there now was because the floor had moved, I'm not sure I believe this as when I removed the beading on the opposite wall there wasn't a 20 mm gap as I would have expected if the floor had moved, they then proceeded to cut the gap into the floor… Made a mess, then went, saying that it should be fine now and should settle down… It hasn't made any difference to the problem. I called the company again and explained that the problem was still there and they came back on 31st July, they have taken off more beading and cut more gaps on different walls… Which I'm surprised they have had to do that if they had left 10 mm gap when they first installed it which they said they had… They were both scratching their heads in confusion saying they couldn't understand why it was still bouncing, they have said they are going to have to take up the floor in the living room and see what is under the laminate as they can't find what the problem is, they said they would order some more laminate in case they damage any of the current flooring and they would contact me when the laminate had arrived… I haven't heard anything back from them since 31st July and to be honest I don't think I will hear from them again… And I'm left wondering whether I want them to do any more work as they don't seem to have a clue about what is happening, I'm also concerned that a 10 mm gap has not been left in the other rooms either and that the whole floor will need to be re-cut… I am living with a disability which makes walking difficult enough without having a floor that bounces.. What I would like to ask you is if you would be able to advise me as to whether you have encountered this type of problem before?
Jo Thompson

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Hi Jo

I agree with JD flooring there is definitely a DPM missing or also you said that they fitted the flooring throughout your bungalow have they fitted any doorbars because it might be too much expanse. They should of not fitted it throughout without a break somewhere, but depending on size and shape of your rooms, its hard to tell without seeing it.

If you have these issues then as JD flooring said tell them to buy you a new floor and get someone else maybe of this site to fit it.


Answered 21st Aug 2012

Dunstable Flooring

Member since 1 Jul 2008

hi there

sorry to hear about the trobles you are having!

ok there should have been a 10mm gap at all edges when laid this should have been done!

however with what you have written the fitters have come back to try and take the pressure of the floor by cutting the floor back

ok the floor sounds like it has swollen very badly and very quickly this leads me to belive that this could be a damp issue! if the floor has been laid on to a concrete sub floor without a DPM ( damp proof Membrane ) the the floor has acted like a sponge and soaked up the moisture from the sub floor causing the floor to expand very quickly leaving you with road humps in your floor

the best thing to do is to ask the firm to do a damp test on the floor if they don't know what that is then really they should not be fitting or getting involved in wood or laminated floors !

If damp is pressent then demand a entire new floor from them with a membrane as they have failed to complete there job as a trading firm

if you need any further help with this there are plenty of good people on this site that will give you sound advise

JD Flooring

Answered 19th Aug 2012

2 BY 4 LTD

Member since 30 Jul 2010

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