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Best a cheapest way to level a sloped garden? i would like 3 tiers

I want to level out my sloped garden. What is the best way of doing this?

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The best and proper way to level out your sloping garden, is if you want three tiers then just decide how large each terrace is going to be, then excavate for some decent footings, depth is dependent upon the height of walls and material behind walls.
I would then suggest a block wall to the rear face and brick or stone to front face tied in with wall ties and finished with a coping stone.
Its cheaper to do it all in block, and you could render front face, but doesnt look as nice as brick/stone.
As said we dont know your finished height, if its anything over one metre high then you will be looking at rebar in the foundations, 225mm hollow blocks filled with concrete.
If its not to high and you are after cheapness you can always do it in rail way sleepers, quite a few choices.
If you had put the dimensions we could have advised more, like are you going to need steps or drainage.


Answered 20th Apr 2011

Hi i am a bricklayer & as like the answers above there are various kinds of solutions for levelling a sloped garden.
and a lot depends on the steepness of your garden that needs terracing such as how high would the retaining walls have to be if garden is quite steep you have to take into account the ground movement.
So you need to work out how high walls would be & what type you would like to have anything over .900 high in any style i would advise you get a structural engineers design as to safe method of construction for your chosen style including all steps as may be required.
You would need to look at how easy access is as all of this has to be taken into account a hard access means a higher price as more labour intense to get materials to place of work.


Answered 21st Mar 2012

probably the cheapest and quickest way to level a sloped garden would be to get some railway sleepers , use some cut down for posts and put them in the ground 18-24 inches deep then screw/bolt the sleepers to them, they make a good feature,regards Terry.


Answered 21st Mar 2012

If you're looking to level sloped garden, i would go with a flag on edge retainer or gravel boards and posts


Answered 21st Mar 2012

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Answered 21st Mar 2012

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