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Hi all would appreciate your advice. We had our roof replaced this year. It cost nearly £20,000 as four bedroom bungalow. We took the roofer on recommendation and he was on trustatrader. The work was completed June/July this year. The roof has leaked in four different places since causing damage to the house. The roofer has returned to fix the issue and is blaming the lead in the house which he did not quote for as he said it was good. We took it in good faith that he was doing the whole roof and was quoting for what was required (no mention of lead replacement in original quote).We are in touch with trustatrader re this matter but would appreciate your thoughts. Feeling a bit foolish for not questioning re lead replacement but we are not experts on roofing. Thanks for your help.

Thanks so much everyone for your help. I see the majority are saying that the roofer should have quoted for lead. Can he now charge me for replacement of lead if this was not part of the original quote ? Many thanks

Thanks so much all. We are in a position now that we have no trust in this roofer and therefore will ask another roofer to do the lead works obviously at added expense. It is what it is unfortunately and will go to mediation to reclaim costs for damage to house. Not much else we can do but appreciate you all replying, thanks.

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Don't understand why the lead wasn't replaced in which seems a pretty steep quotation and if its a completely new roof there should be completely new of everything lead including.


Answered 4th Oct 2021

Replacing full roof the builders should include the lead unless was in good conditions.
However there is a professional way to explain everything to the client as they don’t have any experience.


Answered 4th Oct 2021

The roofer should have include the lead as well as long as the roof was whole replaced and what shocks me why he has to blame the lead now when at the beginning he said was good
If he got all the quoted amount then you have the full right to ask him to do a proper job and not leaking everywhere and causing more damage to the roof and the sealing probably


Answered 5th Oct 2021

Sounds like he tried to cut corners and save himself some money by not replacing the lead,
New roof, new lead should have been installed, and if not this should have been explained to you in his quote, and why,
I wouldn't pay him anymore,


Answered 13th Oct 2021

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