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Which hinge for a normal internal door?

We are replacing all our internal doors. The existing hinges are 3" (75mm) long with 3 screw holes on each plate, the existing doors are 35mm thick, and the new doors are the same thickness and weight 15kg each.

1. Since we are not planning to replace the door frames, can the existing hinges be reused?
2. We did our research and noted there are loosed pin, fix pin, ball bearing etc, not sure loose pin is a good option, so will go for fix pin or ball bearing (or anything suitable please advise). Which type of hinges should we be buying if the old ones cannot be reused?
3. There are 1mm thick hinges and 2mm thick ones, the later seems significantly more expensive, how bad is the 1mm thick ones, or for a 15kg door it will do the job?

Many thanks.

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If your renewing the doors you may as well buy new hinges, and buy them to match the colour of your choice of handle is Satin crome, Polished chrome and brass etc.
this always adds that professional touch.

I always believe you get what you pay for, normal standard butt hinges tend to creek if not fitted straight and true and the fixings are of poor quality (if supplied) Bearing hinges (grade 7) are more robust and do not creek and come with decent fixings.

standard internal doors, I advise 3 x 3" roller bearing hinges per door
top hinge set 6" from the top of the door
bottom hinge set 9" from the bottom of the door
and finally the middle hinge set halfway between the top and bottom hinge.
Eclipse are a good brand and can be sought at most diy and all trade stores

Hope this helps.


Aura Carpentry

Answered 15th Aug 2012

Aura Carpentry

Member since 9 May 2011

Copy and paste the following link:

The 1mm hinges are suitable, but are very flimsy and also a little bit more tricky to hang.
No need for bearing bushed hinges if the doors are so light, but the bronze washer on the hinges I have suggested will prevent squeaks if they are fitted correctly. Also, size-wise, 75mm is ample for an internal door, so long as it is not a fire door.

Ultimately, you get what you pay for- but no need to spend more than a fiver on internal hinges!

Answered 15th Aug 2012

FTA Carpentry

Member since 13 Aug 2012

for the sake of an extra £3 per door cost just put new hinges on they will look so much better.15kg door you will be wanting a good quality hing and i would go for 3 per door.

Answered 15th Aug 2012

S M Joinery

Member since 16 Nov 2009

Sorry, 2 of the best answers you can get.
Good luck.

Answered 31st Jan 2017

RPS Woodcraft

Member since 2 Jul 2012

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