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Approx cost to check/fix mains powered smoke alarms?

There are 3 mains powered smoke alarms in my friend's house, apparently they were disconnected when a job was done several years ago and only one of them was set up again afterwards. 2 are hanging from the ceiling, 1 with its wires showing. They were working before but we are unsure as to how we get them attached to the ceiling again and working. I'm trying to get an idea of roughly how much an electrician would charge to check them and set them up (as far as I know they are wired up already but for some reason not connected?)
Thank you in advance! :-)

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if they were all working before, it sounds like the interconnect wire has not been connected so the wire should be close to 1 of the alarms,should be a fairly easy job to sort out,the alarms have been fitted berfore so they should be close to a ceiling joist,the cover has to be removed to gain access to the fixing electrician should charge between £30-60 for this, post a job on this site and you will get several quotes from local tradespeople,regards Terry.


Answered 21st Apr 2011

Hi there. Providing that the cable supplying all three smoke detectors is intact, then this should be a very simple job to complete.

Each detector has four wires supplying it. Live, Neutral, Earth and an interlink cable. This means that the cable between each detector should be a 3 core and earth. The first detector that supplies the circuit must also have a Live, Neutral and Earth mains in.

If the first detector works and the other two do not, then its most likely the interlink cable that’s either not connected or connected incorrectly. The smoke detection unit normally has male and female plug to connect it to the base unit that’s mounted on the ceiling.

Each smoke detector could be independently tested on the first base to ensure its working correctly. Then simply check the connections at each unit. The smoke detector has a twist type lock that holds it to the base.

If we were to carry out a test on this then the I would estimate that it would take no longer than an hour to complete (providing all cables are ok). A local Electrician would probably charge about £20 to £40 and no parts should really be required. The electrician would carry out a safe isolation process, and run several tests on the circuit to insure its intact and continuous.

We would fully test the operation of the system, measure the sound level and issue a Fire Alarm certificate covering our work on completion.

Hope this information helps.
Secelec Uk


Answered 23rd Apr 2011

if wiring is sound and just a connection is needed, then you should be charge an hours call out plus materials


Answered 21st Apr 2011

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