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I have a 1930's house with Rosemary tiles and our next door neighbours builder says that our tiles have come to the end of their lives as they have all worn down and the end, the exposed sides, have worn down to a thin point. Is this possible? How long do tiles take to wear down to thin slithers of tile? Can rain erode tiles away to nothing?

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without looking at the roof it is impossible to say what condition your tiles are in. yes tiles can be eroded and break,crack , by the weather but as along as the underfelt is in a good condition and not cracking or full of holes you can replace the damaged tiles without a great deal of hassle or expense. if you are uncertain of the condition of your roof get an independent report on the condition of the roof and take it from their. although some of your tiles may have eroded the chances of all your roof tiles being worn away to nothing is about the same odds as winning the lottery

Answered 7th Aug 2012

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Over many years of weathering clay tiles will erode and the faces will delaminate. The main cause of failure generally is due to frost action which can totally destroy old roofs which are generally coming to the end of their life. Once they start to crumble then the only cost effective method of repair although expensive is a complete replacement - generally 50 years plus should be expected so it has weathered well.

Answered 7th Aug 2012


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