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Behind toilet screeching

Something in the toilet cistern is screeching every few minutes and there is a constant trickle in the toilet bowl.

2 Answers from MyBuilder Plumbers

Sounds like the float valve is 'letting by' so not closing fully the screeching noise mains pressure water getting through the a tiny opening in the valve, and then the water in the bowl as you have an internal overflow. Check for no external overflow pipe to conform this, then you just need to change the float valve.


Answered 8th Aug 2012

will be the washer in the float valve (diaphram washer) letting by replace the washer for pennys or the ball valve for around a tenner depending on where u go and what valve is required. There are afew types of diaphram washers to choose from depending on the type of valve you have so check first


Answered 23rd Aug 2012

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