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Building a bbq

Hi all! I'm building my own BBQ . . . eeeeek!!!! It will be used once a fortnight MAX.

I'm a complete novice, i kind of understand the basics and i really want to learn more!

I've got the BBQ set, 6 fancy slabs to go on top of my concrete base and have the 109 bricks on order that i need for it but now I am stuck!

I will need to build a concrete base 120cm x 80cm (Size of my slabs) this will give me a nice over lap as the BBQ is smaller.

What i really need to know is (sorry for being a daft woman if these are really simple to answer!):

How deep should i have the base? I plan to do the base one Saturday then cement the slabs on the following Wednesday, followed by the BBQ the weekend after.

How will i be able to calculate the amount of sand / cement i'll need for my base and my 109 bricks? Planning to use 4 parts builders sand with 1 part cement - will this work?

I'm going to teach myself the brick laying side of things, just for the satisfaction of saying 'i built that' - will be getting books, looking on the internet, asking questions etc etc before i even think about starting! I have already bought myself a beauty new spirit level for the job, its long enough go from one side of my brick work to the other!

Thank you in advance for any advice you can give!

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Hi just put the slabs directly onto the ground (assuming it quite compacted)using a bit sand or mortar to level it out. You wont need a concrete base its overkill for a hundred brick barbeque.just lay the bricks onto the the slabs,you can do it the same day if you want .You will need four 25kg bags of sand and a bag of cement.Any ratio between 1-4 and 1-6 will be fine.Hope this helps


Answered 13th Aug 2012

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