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I want a new thermostat for underfloor heating and a light switch fitted upon a lat and plaster wall , is there any reason why the two switches cant be fitted side by side in single patress boxes as they look to be different sizes and would look odd on a double patress box

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It's not really clear what you're asking here. Your underfloor heating will have a thermostat buried in the floor to ensure the floor temperature doesn't rise too high. Additionally, you *may* optionally have a room thermostat. These room thermostats come in many forms, but are usually digital electronic thermostats these days that allow you to set the desired room temp. These are normally a standard size to fit into a single pattress.

A light switch can be fitted into - typically - a recessed back box or a surface mounted box. Most digital thermostats also fit into a pattress box. But I can't see any way you'll get a switch faceplate AND a digital thermostat into the same single pattress. Two into one doesn't go.

If I'm reading you right, you'll also not be able to fit both into a double pattress box (a 2-gang box) as it a) won't be wide enough, and b) only has two screw lugs (you need 4... 2 for the switch & 2 for the thermostat). You *would* be able to use a Dual Accessory box to mount both. This is intended to take 2 standard accessories side by side, or one above the other - depending upon orientation of the box.

Finally, if you're adding a room thermostat to an existing underfloor heating system that doesn't currently have one, then you'll need to wire the new thermostat to the existing underfloor one - effectively putting the thermostats in series. Ie: either one switching off will disconnect the supply to the mat(s).

If this doesn't answer your question, perhaps you could provide more details?

Answered 14th Aug 2012

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