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My existing decking needs to be replaced as it has rotted in places. I want to get a composite deck, with rails and one area to be hexagonal and fairly large, enough to accommodate a dining table and garden sofa and chairs. My problem is that in about six years time, when I can afford it, I intend to do extensive work that will involve rendering the house. Will I be able to dismantle and reassemble the deck. I think the rails could be left in place. Thank you for any advice.

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Well installed decking should be at the minimum a structure that has an intended usage period of the installation companies warranty stipulation, usually 10 years. However, composite products these days have a advertised lifespan of much longer. So in answer to your question, I would recommend that you complete the more substantial works before installing a expensive and longer lasting added area that can be timely and also very detailed in the build process. You may not have access to the original installer at the time of renovation. Hope that helps oisin_76.


Answered 30th Jul 2021

You can easily remove your composite decking boards By removing the screws from each Joyce carefully. So take your time remove the screws, you can even take photographs of your existing decking to make sure that you install it back to the way it was.


Answered 30th Jul 2021

Hi, if clips are used to fasten the composite boards on the structures, it can be disassembled and reassembled.


Answered 30th Jul 2021

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