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Been quoted for ridge tile replacement. not convinced it's needed - advice please

Many thanks to everyone who's responded to this question. I'd never used this site before and really wasn't expecting much of it. I'm now using it to find someone to do the pointing work. Thanks again.

A roofer has called at my house and offered a quote for replacing all ridge tiles. As no obligation I took a quote for ridge tiles plus repointing one chimney & reducing height of a second redundant chimney - £1,700. Seems a lot. Also, not convinced ridge tiles need to be, or ought to be, replaced. Can see gaps at bottom of some of them but all seem sound and no sign of any loose. Chimneys definately need repointing but don't want to fork out that amount for something that may not be necessary. Do you think they may be offering unnecessary work? (For what it's worth, they're a very new company - filed new incorporation documents September 2009 - and are currently doing a lot of roof work on a number of nearby properties)

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If this was by any chance a cold caller/door step seller, touting for work I would advise you to steer well clear.
If you dont know the company, or seen any of their work or recomendations from neighbours, then they could be any one.
Any person (with dishonest intentions) can draft up letter heads and claim to belong to some type of building federation, if they are then you can check them out.
As by the tone of your question and uncertainty I really wouldnt entertain them.
The price quoted seems a bit on the steep side, there isnt really a lot of material outlay, and a couple of good roofers wouldnt take long to sort out.
The worrying thing, that I have seen happen time after time, is customers are quoted for rebedding tiles, when infact they are just repointing them, which isnt the proper way.

If you are concerned about your roof, or repointing of the chimney, place your job on this site, in Post a Job section, you will find some good tradesmen here that can advise and price, get at least 3 and then compare prices.

Answered 19th Apr 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

best bet is to put the job on this site get a few roofers out to look at the ridge tiles and chimneys then quote for what needs done.

Answered 19th Apr 2011

ADR Property Maintenance

Member since 1 Mar 2009

from what your saying he just came knocking on your door ..its against the law for builders to cold call ..if his working in the area report him to the police ..thats the way these cowboys work one house in the area{probably from cold calling } then spread like a dirty germ my advise is not to go with quote ..put the work he has estimated for on this site and get a couple of legite quotes to compare ..pop your head up in the loft and see if there is any leaks . i bet its all hunky doory ... all the best and tell any cold callers who come knocking in future to clear off or you will report them ..

Answered 19th Apr 2011


Member since 30 Sep 2008

your being had over... these sort of people probably live in a caravan in a field and also lay tarmac drives. If your concerned post the job up on this site to get it looked at..


Answered 21st Apr 2011


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The ridge tiles might need rebedding,meaning taking them off cleaning and refixing.For what it is the price does sound dear.

Answered 19th Apr 2011


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theres always the possibility and likely hood of some of the ridge tiles breaking when removing,so why not just have them repointed,for all the work quoted i'd say would be very over priced as there should only be 2 or 3 days work involved,you would be better getting a quote from a local bricklayer or professional tradesman who works alone as this would definitley keep the cost down....

Answered 19th Apr 2011

Upright Joinery

Member since 31 Jan 2009

I would be verry wary of anyone that calls offering to quote you for repairs that you have not requested, if you are concerned about your roof post a job on this site and get reliable tradespeople to give you a condition report then go from there,regards Terry.

Answered 19th Apr 2011

tm property services

Member since 9 Mar 2011

far too much money for the work you need doing. just get a quote from a bricklayer to repoint your chimney . hope this helps.

Answered 19th Apr 2011

doc carpentry services

Member since 11 Apr 2011

Get a second or third independent quote.

Answered 20th Apr 2011

Pro Finishing Services

Member since 12 Jan 2010

why on earth would he say you needed your ridge tiles renewing!!?. sounds like a cowboy touting for jobs and just "thinking up" things to say need doing, bizaar. Even if ridges needed replacing the price is absurd. cheers

Answered 21st Apr 2011

domestic roofingandbuilding

Member since 15 Aug 2008

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