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Led light bulbs

I have replaced all my old ceiling Incandescent light bulbs with LED light bulbs all 12v, some are 4000k and some 6000k.
They all work fine with the exception of one light fitting which will only work with the 4000k, the 6000k's that work in the other fitting won't work in this one.
The switch is a standard switch, not a dimmer switch. I have checked all the connections which are fine and tried it with no other lights switched on.

Any help is appreciated.

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Being that it’s 12v I would say your transformer is not suited for this lamp and will be the PCB in the lamps are different and the 6000k are not suited for that transformer .
The second thing could be corrosion on the lamp holder terminal or the transformer not giving a full 12v again each lamp has its own working capabilities and may not work at say 10v or below


Answered 12th Jul 2021

Please check the type of previous bulbs, than google it for compatibility with the ones you trying to install. Mind you, possibly that previous bulbs is 240V AC power, new ones you mentioned is 12v DC power.


Answered 12th Jul 2021

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