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Do i need to have my bathroom ceiling skimmed ?

My bathroom ceiling is cracked everywhere, and as it is a room used for showering, the paint and plaster seems to be coming off. What is the best option to repair this please? Should I get a plasterer to skim over it - and if so, do they firstly need to take off all the current ceiling??

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A good solution is to board over the existing ceiling with 12.5 mm plasterboard and then skim, it sounds like you have lathe and plaster, if you plaster over it even with tape it will crack again, i find if you take the existing ceiling down the joists probably are not straight and as such will not get a flat finish to the new boarded ceiling. When the lathe and plaster ceiling was first put up they used a sand a cement covering over the lathes, this allowed them to rule the material for a flat finish, my advice is to board over the existing, its quicker, cheaper, no mess and your ceiling will be reasonably flat
kindest regards
Dave Russell @ All in One property maintenance


Answered 31st Jul 2012

overboarding with plasterboard and skimming is the standard practice kind regards paul


Answered 19th Aug 2012

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