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Commercial carpet advice please

Hello, I am due to move and need hard wearing carpet as I have a power chair.
I need a carpet that is very flat ( as in community settings/offices etc) as well as very durable. I have heard of bonded fibre. Would this be right for me and does it have to be glued down. I don't know if it's best to have carpet rather than tiles as the chair might lift the tiles maybe?.. I would be grateful for any advice.. thanks.

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Fibre bonded carpet is normally found in commercial situations, like you mentioned offices/schools. It is bonded to subfloor with a suitable adhesive using a notched trowel and heavy roller, as there is no underlay underneath and is for instance bonded to a concrete floor, it will feel hard underfoot. As the flooring is bonded and can’t move with friction from walking it would in my opinion be fine for your power chair.
Carpet tiles again are bonded to the subfloor but generally all that is used is a tacky glue styccobond F45 using a paint roller to apply the glue to the floor. The idea is to just hold the tiles down with a slightly tacky subfloor so that the tiles when damaged or stained can be replaced. It’s hard to say if your chair would uplift the tiles. I would not have thought so but with the fibre bonded floor being once piece of flooring and stuck with a semi permanent adhesive, that option would definitely not cause you any problems.
Hope this helps


Answered 3rd Jul 2021

You also have a jel back carpet which is used in communal areas in blocks of apartments, fully stuck to the floor and a bit more comfortable than bonded carpet ,also good for power chairs


Answered 20th Jul 2021

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