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Wooden front door - lock


Its been 9 months since I've had a new wooden door fitted and during the recent hot/cold snaps - the door seems to be very tempramental sometimes it will be really easy to open and sometimes I have to pull it really hard to open.

Its got to a point in the summer where its expanded and at times my wife is unable to open the door.. which is getting me in alot of trouble..

Is there anything I can do with the door to make it easy to open with out as much effort ( at the moment to open the door when the lock is stiff i have to pull on the letter box hangle.. and turn the key in sync)

If possible try and avoid sanding the door as it will avoid it becoming loose in the winter and any drafts coming through..
I also have a london bar fitted inside

Any tip or advise would be much appricated.

Many Thanks


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Hi Jinal,
It sounds like the lock reicever may need to be adjusted!!
I'd imagine there are rubber surround on the frame and your door may
Be a bit twisted which will be exagratted during the summer months when it
Expands...depending on the severty of the problem the hinges need adjustment



Answered 19th Apr 2011

the proplem you have is common with doors,
have you painted all sides of the door plus top and bottom,
they needs primer, undercoat, and gloss 3or 4 coats not just 1!
this must be done the day the door is hung!! (at least the primer)

as timber is a natural materail thier is not a great deal more you can do with out shooting the door in,

on thing you can do is file openings on the keep on the frame just enough to allow the latch/dead bolt to work better when the door is swollen up,
if you take to much of then it will rattel a bit once the door have gone back in size,

i hope this is of help to you,
kind regards


Answered 19th Apr 2011

This is a common problem with wooden doors the last thing you need to do is take too much off the door as in the colder months you will get drafts coming through.Try planing the inside edge of the door to give the door a leading edgeinto the frame. Good luck


Answered 19th Apr 2011

sounds to me like the frame has moved .
Not been enough wet weather for door to expand
Regards Tony


Answered 19th Apr 2011

I agree with the other tades, but have you thought about fitting a upvc door and frame, they dont all come in white, some do look like wood.


Answered 20th Apr 2011

I would agree that the door hasn't been sealed well enough and is letting moisture in and out.

It doesn't have to be wet weather to make it swell - there is more moisture in the air during summer which can cause swelling.


Answered 30th Apr 2011

i would get a new door fitted cos sounds like door was not sealed properly so change in weathers door is reacting ,get new door and seal all edges when fitted then should not have problem again if keep taking bits off when does dry out your have huge gaps sounds like poor installation


Answered 1st May 2011

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