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Repointing & brick replacement of wall under bay window


I 'd like some advice....

I've just exposed the brickword under my bay window (it was old crumbling render previously), however all the corner bricks need replacing (roughly 20 in total - 10 on each side angle) as well as the odd other brick. I'm not sure where to get the angled bricks from or how they are made (squint bricks I think they're alled).

They'll need to match the existing brickwork. I've attached a few photos so you can get an idea of what I mean. The third photo is of next door (what I want it to look like).

And this is what is want it to look like:

Let me know any thoughts.



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Hi richard, you could take one of the better corner bricks out and use it as a template, then use an angle grinder to cut it to match, or they can all be restored and you would never notice the difference, but i would advise a skilled tradesman to tackle these jobs,
Good luck


Answered 24th Jul 2012

hi yes these bricks are also classed as specials if you take a picture into any builders merchants they would be able to identify them and order you some in i hope this helps kind regards bootle builders


Answered 24th Jul 2012

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