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I have had a gardener for 25 years who has come in weekly to do all gardening including hedging and tree trimming. He has very good tools which he owned.
I have always paid him on an hourly rate. He does work as and when necessary.
Unfortunately he has medicl problems which mean he cannot continue with most of the work.
This is maintenance which cannot be done on getting quotes.
Could you give me some guidance on this.

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I’m very sorry to hear that your Gardener isn’t in the best of health. If I were in your position I would just contact another gardener and explain the situation and I’m sure they would pick up where your old gardener left off , ie working as and when you need them on a agreed hourly rate. I have friends who are gardeners and I know they would be more than happy to fit you in and work to your needs. I hope this has been helpful to you and wish you all luck in the future in finding a replacement gardener


Answered 28th May 2021

I think you could ask a gardener for a set of ‘rates’ for each of the tasks you need done rather than use an hourly rate. I have clients who prefer this to watching the clock. It can be an output specification so the jobs get done regardless of the time spent therefore maximising your value for money.


Answered 28th Sep 2021

Hi, I may be able to help with this
And carry on from where your Gardner left off...many thanks


Answered 5th Sep 2022

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