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New mortar in driving rain


I recently had a wall repointed with Portland cement mortar. The following day, about 16 hours later, it was saturated with prolonged driving rain. I’m concerned that this will have weakened the new pointing. The tradesman said it will be ok, but I’m not so sure. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you

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Should be OK the initial hardening has occurred as long as it hasn't washed the mortar out the joints if it hasn't it should be fine as from hear on out it will be curing


Answered 20th May 2021

If the rain hasn't washed the mortar out and the pointing has maintained its shape and gone off it will be fine


Answered 22nd May 2021

Hello, my opinion is that 16 hours are sufficient for the pointing to get dry ( not 100% dry but rain can't damage it). Thanks


Answered 4th Jun 2021

After repointing if done properly I always weather seal the wall with 2 or 3 coats so that protects the pointing as well


Answered 14th Jun 2021

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