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Damp patch on ceiling

I have damp patch in my ceiling. There is a bathroom above but I have found no evidence of water escaping from there. A roofer has inspected the property and found no problems with the tiling or gutters. Despite heavy rain it is not getting as bad as anticipated with such bad weather. Someone suggested it may be a burst pipe between radiators but an engineer from Scottish Gas didn't think so as the pressure wasn't falling fast enough. I am at a loss and don't want to make a hole in the ceiling to investigate before exhausting any other options. Can someone advise please?

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I would say its definitely something to do with the bathroom above, maybe the tiling if you have a shower or the silicone seal has deteriorated....


Answered 22nd Jul 2012

hi i would say cut a small hole about 4inches wide in middle of patch and put your hand in and feei for a pipe in that area if not put torch there and see if there is any damp then you can patch with filler regards paul


Answered 21st Nov 2012

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